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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  July 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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for a child who has cancer, it is very sweet. all the money we havv for ou today. "the willis report" is next. tracy: tonight on "the willis report," there is a new plan to save the post office. nomar door-to-door delivery for mail and it could save billions. also, the latest technology for cars, they talk to each other. should the government make this requirement? you better check out this number, we will tell you which one coming up tonight on "the willis report" reedi."
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we will get to all that later, but first to the top story, federal program created to rescue struggling homeowners is failing at an alarming rate. according to the new government watchdog report the home affordable modification program is seeing half of the modified mortgages re-defaulting. with more on this, i'm not sure why anybody is surprised by th this. if you were defaulting the first time, the odds are good because of the economy, he did not fix up stuff to get it right. >> for most of these families the number one problem is the job loss. they are not structured to deal with that, they did things like lower the interest rates and given the level of interest rates in the economy, they were going down anyhow. it is interesting the first
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inspector general for tarp, said something that's tim geithner told him these programs were meant to be foam on the runway for the banks. that has been the attitude. it is meant to help them work through more than the homeowners. tracy: the banks are doing dandy, the homeowner on the other side not so much. this is supposed to help 4 million borrowers? 46% are defaulting, what happens going forward? should they scrap this thing? speak it has done more harm than good. >> this and a lot of other modification programs really created a large shadow of inventory over the market. i think it has been cruel to the families. they are not adjusting th addreb
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loss. keeping them in a little bit of a limbo. we should be helping people move on through an unsustainable situation, not continue to extend the unsustainable situation. tracy: to default twice on your credit report certainly will not help you get a job down the road. >> you have had these fees tacked on, the household has more debt at the end of the process than they do going into it. some of this the banks did not want to recognize losses. we provided all of the subsidies and the shocking thing is most of the actual payments went to the lenders, so we have the taxpayer covering the losses that they would take at some point anyhow. tracy: is this strictly political? >> it is absolutely political. i don't think anybody believes the program has been an astounding success and nobody believes it has propped up the housing market. but washington has to look like it is doing something.
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coming under criticism for not doing enough about the housing market, i think an easy thing is to expand this for a couple of years and it has to run until 2015 and we hope we're out of the recession by that and hope the housing market is on stronger footing. tracy: you make a good point, it has done nothing but delay the recovery, so they have done more harm than good. i know there are so many people that would love to see the government take a step out of the housing market altogether. will we see that anytime soon? speak out quite frankly i don't think that we will see that. if you watch the direction, there was a bill marked up in the house finally finishing this morning where all the democrats voted against it that would have ended fannie and freddie. you have seen washington look at this gravy train and not want to stop it. there's a lot of interest that profit off of this.
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have to keep trying. tracy: that is a political nightmare, unwind that thing and you are doing political suicide. you have to believe somebody is willing to go out and say let's do this, if you don't want to reelect me, don't reelect me. >> the fact the house financial services is willing to put forward a bill that gets rid of fannie and freddie is a command tremendous amount of political courage in my mind. he was able to keep republicans largely together on that. i have very little expectations the senate will try to get rid of fannie and freddie and do anything other than change the name on the door. we still want to keep the taxpayer on the hook. we have screwed up the housing market. tracy: that has to be the last word because that is absolutely what it did. a new plan to fix the post office to go from one mess to
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another. being spearheaded by the chairman of the house oversight committee. some of the proposals are supported by management, but the unions want none of it. can the post office stop bleeding red ink or will it need a taxpayer bailout? the policy director of public notice is with us now. the numbers are staggering, do we even need the post office at all at this point? >> i think the post office does play a vital role, but the finances are in awful shape. they had to do something to address this. they did not get far trying to cancel saturday delivery. more to have cluster boxes, so the mail can be delivered to every house, in a core location in the neighborhood. they need a look at ways to get their finances under control. tracy: $16 billion last year,
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and to your point about this no door-to-door delivery, but it at the end of the street and that would save $4 billion. why not? >> it is so hard to make chan unfortunate. they should go a lot further. they should look at companies like outbox that scans a digital copy. imagine how much money they could save if they only gave you what you really needed like a -@hardcopy magazine and other things you can read on your ipad. unfortunately the government is not so fast at innovating. tracy: i did not need a victoria's secret catalog four times per week because that is probably how many i get. the no door-to-door thing i'm kind of over that. the pension benefit overhaul is always the stickiest point. how do they get through that?
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>> to have to have an honest conversation with each other, we have two admit their finances are charitable and cannot continue on with the generous pension benefits. they have to reach an agreement to have the postal service on the same type of retirement like 401(k) and these guaranteed benefit plans. >> the unions will fight this tooth and nail, probably will have saturday mail for a long time because of it and then it goes completely bust, right? >> we are headed on that track. not too long ago the senate passed a bill to reform the post office, i still have hope it will do something but they continue on down this path i think they will go bust and have serious reforms or look to the government for a bailout, that is an awful presidents.
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tracy: they said the bill would be devastating, have a devastating effect on the postal service. honestly, devastating? speak i think that is a bit of a push. we don't necessarily need all of these postmen going door to door. can we be doing something in the economy more effectively perhaps make more money? that is what they should be doing. >> one of the more important parts is it prevents a taxpayer bailout. it is high time we have something like this put in a reform act. but again, we bail people out, we bail things out, it probably will not be the one that we don't. >> they can put that in a bill now and congress down the road does not have to follow that. not bailing out the postal service will be a start.
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tracy: thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. no one needs the victoria's secret catalogs. still to come, how you can save money the next time you rent a car. the federal government wants to tell you and the automaker what you should be doing inside your car, but is this talking technology all it is cracked up to be? we will be right back. ♪
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tracy: if you own a newer car, it might be tracking you. american automakers have been putting data recorders known as black boxes in cars since the mid-90s now most new cars have them. the federal government wants on the passenger vehicles to detain these black boxes and technology. to break it down for a scotty's
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negative editor at it sounds really freaky. where is this black box? >> the black box is typically encased in the floor panel, under the drivers seat and that is a place it is unlikely to be damaged in a collision or even a fighter. it is practically impossible to tamper with as well. tracy: i asked earlier that knows if i am texting and driving. what does it track? >> all they do is record the few seconds, limited amount of data, the few seconds before and during a collision that triggers an airbag so it is not on or working all the time. the airbag goes off, it will record with the speed was, whether or not you were on the brakes. the side airbags fire, when did that happen?
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parthia diagnostics tool that automakers use to determine if the systems are working well and if they are timed properly. tracy: a lot of people will recall the toyota unintended acceleration consequences. many have laws governing these. it seems like you should have it and we should know what happens. >> i tend to agree with you, it is like if you have an accident intersection or something like that, if there are eyewitnesses if you are not responsible, you might want a camera on the intersection or something, i kind of feel like if we were able to access the data it would be much easier to determine who was looking at their phone and didn't step on the break and run into someone even though we claim i was standing on the break, whatever. it typically is not available, these are proprietary systems.
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it would be nice to get the data whenever you want. in some states it is spelled out, but her teabag. it can be in discovery by some states. if there is a suit or a court order. but it is kind of all over the map. tracy: the point is to have access to the information in it, right? to your point, you shouldn't have any privacy in an accident. >> i'm going to agree with you. if your car were involved in an accident and he came to a screeching halt there would be tire tracks, right? now there is antilock brakes so they can't do that. maybe the modern thing. it is not just who owns the data. establish who is at fault in this situation.
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who can access it, how regularly is it done, it is not collected as a matter of course. tracy: remember my cousin vinny? all right, talk about these cars talking to each other and this whole wi-fi thing. i can see how that would become a privacy thing. >> it could be most cases the car to car communication is just shortwave wireless stuff so one vehicle knows there's another vehicle coming toward intersection proximity. they have proposed it and it should be looked into but honestly a lot of areas where there could be spying going on and it doesn't really happen best we know. >> if you can track the speed and everything i do, a lot of talking about a mileage tax.
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i drive a lot, it makes sense to me even though i would not want to pay it. i should pay for the wear and tear on the roads. do you think that is the next step? >> it is part of the gas tax and that doesn't really track if you were to drive a gas guzzler you drive more than you have to. you can make a gps device that tracks how far you go, does not have to track where you have been and reported to anyone. the gps map in your car is now does not keep any records. i would be more concerned about the fact even today when you go from one tollbooth to another with electronic tolling. the consented to get in the mail but so far they don't. tracy: that is how they do it.
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they'lall right, to matter whatf technology cars have, chances are many by the same brand of car time after time whether it is loyalty or laziness. who knows. a list of the five car brands with the most loyal drivers. tonight's top five. chevrolet, this brand has the highest customer loyalty of any american car brand mostly thanks to the trucks. number four is toyota. they keep buying from this japanese automaker. number three, bmw. while that company has more customers, bmw has more returning ones because of the service. number two, honda. they keep coming back for honda. a popular brand for families. i drove one for a bunch of years. the number one car brand with
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the more loyal customers is lexus generating 58% of sales from tradeeins from repeat customers mainly because of the great reputation luxury brand has developed over the years. i liked my odyssey back in the day. later in the show find out what lou dobbs has to say about the presidents big economy speech today. and we answer the question, how do you do that? money-saving tips on renting your next car. you are going to want to hear this, don't go away.
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tracy: wants to rent a car without breaking the bank? details from kelly blue book. in 60 seconds.
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tracy: you need to rent a car while yours is in for a quick fix but you don't want to put your wallet in a fix? here to explain, alex. something i never knew, if your car is being fixed, you should tell the rental agency and they will cut you a deal? >> yeah, often times you can save five to 10% just by letting them know your car is being worked on are getting serviced. reach out to your dealer before going to the agency and let them know if you get the car tied up a couple of days, what can you do to help me out with the rental and often times the dealer may help you out. tracy: is at the same as if my car is being serviced? >> you can get it done what it
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is being serviced but you will find the dealer is not so willing to pony up for a rental car if you're just getting your car serviced for an oil change or something. if it is a recall, i would say you're likely going to have a better chance of the dealer helping you. tracy: many get off the plane and go right to the dealer. should you do that? >> if you live fees and a premium, yes, do it at the airport. otherwise we really recommend plan your trip out well in advance the way you would book your airline tickets. if you can put that out and reserve something two weeks or a month in advance, what works better as avoiding the airport altogether and find a rental car agency a few miles down the road, catch a cab, go outside the airport and you often get far better rates. tracy: should you get the insurance?
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i never know the answer to this. >> it sounds like a no-brainer you should definitely get the insurance but before you sign the dotted line it is pretty pricey. 15 to $20 per day on your rental agreement and what most folks don't understand is often times if you check with your own insurance provider if it is allstate or whoever, often they will cover you for a rental car. check with your credit card provider, sometimes they will cover you in terms of insurance for your rental car as well. tracy: what about all of these hidden fees? how can i decipher through them? >> it is going to be tough. dig around online to find out what you should be paying for. what you will find out is even if you only are down a quarter of a tank they will charge you
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two or three times what it would cost to charge th fill a full t. make sure you don't get hit with a really heavy fee. tracy: do i have to clean it? i have kids. if there is popcorn all over the place, do i get dinged? >> it might get you a couple of dollars to get it cleaned up. what we recommend while it is something to watch out for, obviously if you get into an accident there isn't a lot you can do about it, but if there are some you notice take some pictures before hand, document anything you see wrong with the cars you can rest assured when you return it they don't notice it on the fender or the door and say it was something you did. that is one you want to watch out for. tracy: if you have aaa or any of
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those discounts that may apply. thank you so much. senior analyst for kelly blue i'm glad i know the answer to the insurance thing now. full speed ahead in the motor city as the judge weighs in on bankruptcy. and president obama claiming to pivot back the economy and jobs today. was it more of just the same? a big reaction on that after the break. don't go anywhere. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
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lp the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we' added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art moniring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. tracy: welcome back. the fight in motor city continues u.s. poughkeepsie judge suspending litigation
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challenging that they could see petitioned. what is next? liz macdonald has been all over this. >> to be with you lawyers for the city came out victorious today to get u.s. bigger see judge to set aside all lawsuits that will block the bid grips the petition which could now be the biggest in u.s. history. of course, they had worked argued that it was violating the michigan state constitution so that it could cut benefits to save the city effaces $80 billion of debt which includes nine-point to billion dollars of city pension and health benefits now those guaranteed worker payouts will go away we the retirees in the same pool as numerous other creditors but today's hearing tripp -- attracted
6:33 pm
to get interest the people lining up to gain entrance as city firefighters protested outside. it was once the largest fourth largest city the population has shrunk almost two-thirds and has been depending on borrowing to stay afloat. back to you. tracy: this case will set precedents. we will continue to watch it. obamacare was in illinois returning to the college campus where he gave his first major economic address as u.s. senator. he pledged a stronger second term commitment to tackle the economy and fix the middle-class aid he made sure to point the finger of blame at congress. >> that is what we have been fighting for. with the endless parade of distractions there political posturing and a phony scandal washington has taken
6:34 pm
its eye off the ball. i am here to say this needs to stop. this does not require short-term thinking or the same old debate. our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you, the people we represent but if we don't have a growing or driving middle-class then we don't have the resources to solve a lot of these problems. we want to have the resolve resolve, the optimism, the sense of unity we need to solve these other issues. in this effort i will work with republicans as well as democrats and i sincerely believe there are members of both parties to understand what is at stake for rival wellcome ideas from anybody across the political
6:35 pm
spectrum. but i will not allow gridlock or inaction or willful in difference to get in our way. this growing inequality of opportunity is not just morally wrong but bad economics. when middle-class families have less to spend, guess what? businesses have fewer consumers and one wealth concentrates at the top it can't inflate the bubbles that threaten the economy when the ladder of opportunity close farther apart it undermines the very essence of america. tracy: republicans pain and the satin. >> back to the economy saying it is more empty promises. and house speaker says it is the straight with no candy. here is what lew dawson had
6:36 pm
to say after the first of his two speeches. >> for a man for who is now in his second term talking about things that would have spent of matter of daily business at the white house to restoring prosperity in creating jobs. he is putting a lot of energy into trying to insure americans can be average and that is not saying much for his goals. i cannot get over this analysis of the economy is a simple case according to the president of the rich taking away from the pork or from the middle-class. believe me there is a heckuva lot more to economic growth and this particular approach used by the president. >> it is extraordinary to me this president is taking on the republican party in the speech that is supposed to be operational --
6:37 pm
inspirational and behaving as if the republicans have done something unprecedented , and to hold a house of government, the house of representatives in this case, that has been the case for every second term president since president eisenhower but he finds it unique and a downright aggravating. >> you heard a lot of frustration from the president that his vision has not been brought to bear a and the obama and onyx has not been embraced in a broader sense and is frustrated with washington and once more domestic spending. lou: does this play to his base? in terms of economic policy in taunt -- in terms of social policy there was nothing new here. >> correct. be clear this was the
6:38 pm
beginning of campaign 2014. he has said of the contrast for what the election will be fought on and his vision of fairness versus the republican party that is divided there is nothing about free markets are growth or specific policies to help for people the bottom line it is a campaign speech. the market is trending down because nothing new or nothing to give solace at least he did not propose explicitly raising the marginal rates were increasing capital gains or dividend taxes 51 how to the republicans respond? >> with raspberries and they move god. , the president can call it a with because we did not talk about the irs everything else that is nagging at them so they can call that a win. tracy: they also want 2.0
6:39 pm
the president's attempt to refocus the economy has good news of the unemployment rate falling slowly with consumer confidence slowly on the rise. but that could be happening in spite of the president's policy is not because of them. how your credit score impacts your love life and apple has one of its best days yet but not all smooth sailing. looking out for you when your money. next. i turned 65 last week.
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the math of retirement is different today. money has to last longer. i don't want to pour over pie charts all day. i want to travel, and i want the income to do it. ishares incomes etfs. low cost and diversified. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectis, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. tracy: caterpillar dragging down the markets today the world's largest construction
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equipment company is a falling 40% and warned of slower revenue and profit and slipped off the record high it hit yesterday. also raising the offer by $0.10 per share by the computer maker until hopes this will attract support for his plan to take the company private. shareholders will vote on the original $13.65 per offer today. also global offers a sleeker version of its nexis device with a higher price of 16 gigabytes of storage selling at $229 that is a $30 increase from one at least one year ago. boeing says it has finished repaid customers those ever grounded but they refuse to say how much was spent but 50 were grounded over four months with the problems of the batteries. those of all stories on fox
6:44 pm apple. one of the bright spots of the market today having one of its best days after beating estimates of revenues of 5% jump may have been the result of a promise of new products this fall can make a comeback? let's ask gary called baum do you think this will ever see that again? >> the only good news is that it looks like a good support level. they already do $150 billion of revenue and if they don't come up with something great going forward of a new product to improve what they have i think it will be a spot that waffles but in a may trade data 11 times earnings but the number is not good at all.
6:45 pm
>> no product in three years? had to do that it is four quarters of revenue they it is also sales were flat so you do not come with something new you are in trouble the i pat was very disappointing 14% drop to get inventory was still 3 percent drop that is not good news. tracy: they said 10 million iphones consider that everybody is waiting for the new five phone i am surprised they're still buying it so that must be a positive. >> that is good news they are still selling a product but stock prices go up for a simple reason that is just gone i have no interest i
6:46 pm
could go higher from here but i am worried they're making promises i wish they would say what they are about to do because they don't come out with something in the fall than the market gets disappointed and it will go lower. tracy: we saw that with expectations will they come out with the apple tv to set to start going again? >> i don't think it will be on fire like it has been but i do believe they could go higher. >> i think it is time to stop invoking steve jobs he keeps saying he is not steve jobs or would be different if he was alive. is that killing the stock? >> steve jobs is an icon
6:47 pm
there is note doubt there is a discount because he did pass away but the markets are about fundamentals biopsychology and who was running the company company, management. i think he came in at the peak of a cycle but he is not steve jobs. he was a master innovator and who knows what they're missing because of him. tracy: we are talking about my kids investing in the stock before his memory goes the way. you are terrific. thank you still to come we have another reason why you need to worry about your credit score. my mantra?
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>> only one number counts when it comes to your love life. what is it? find out.
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tracy: a new number to consider in your personal relationship, your credit score. according to a new survey bad credit is a deal breaker to look for a mate. love no longer comes first but let me check your credit more women are assessed with the numbers they an end. >> i thought you just had to have good abs.
6:52 pm
>> said guerrillas used to say how many girls were u.s. before me? [laughter] why do we care? >> a think men and women are looking for the same thing in a different way. men don't want to be a dependent with no financial independence and a woman wants of guy to take care of her if that has to happen. if nobody has credit it is a bad situation you can bring your mates down because when you are married you do join things if you cannot buy a home who doesn't want to live in a home because your mate has bad credit? tracy: the you can have bad credit if you pay cash. >> you have that much cash? >> give my ex-husband ask my credit scores he would run for the hills and save as many with the divorcees. >> i would not even ask your credit score i would pay everywhere we went to. [laughter] tracy: i have a good job.
6:53 pm
it is better. >> i am a matchmaker win in our my clients would to find out exactly what they wanted in the man i pulled 2500 with massed in the four most important things and a number one was financial. >> that is so 1940's. >> i don't think we'll ever get over that women ultimately want to know they can be taken care of. they all want it to happen to know that he is there for that. tracy: the 57% said men it is important is that because we over analyze everything? >> many is succ a big thing even to the point that some women will pay it is all about cash. where did the love go? if money is such the driving
6:54 pm
force, i was at a bar we were talking how can i look better? attracting younger girls in this very distinguished old man walked up to say he's alive the best they imagined it is called dollar bills the women will come. it is a little chauvinistic but is it true. tracy: it is amazing we care so much you work in new york and women are successful but it still comes down to this. >> that is to force? >> fidelity is first cause of divorce and many problems are second in. you are dead on but how important is money? does this surpass love? we really not go out with somebody because they don't have the wallet? tracy: i say no and the world to be a better place. you are great.
6:55 pm
>> i agree. tracy: here is the question would you dates or marry somebody with bad credit? we will share the results after the break. people are shaking there heads. what is going on? we will be right back.
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no. gilbert from kentucky writes that what worries me is that more and more people are saying that everything is completely good or bad. this will not negate the possibility of compromise. is it time to revisit the various shades of gray? i like that. and another viewer from texas says i will never invest in stock. i if i want to gamble come over to his casino. okay, and the office of george bush, many members of his security detail going under to support this project. the bushes lost their second
7:00 pm
child to leukemia at age of four. coming up, some of the hottest investments these days. our next guest helps us to take a look at what you and money can do together. that is up for "the willis report" tonight. have a great night. lou: good evening, everyone, and thank you for being with us. president obama spoke today. leading many to ask a the question, why now? the president himself answered the question himself in a candid and frank manner in a speech designed to change the conversation. president obama took a clear shot at republicans who continue to pursue the truth regarding the numerous scandals currently engulfing his administration. >> but with thi


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